Faculty and Staff

Grade Name / Website Room
Principal Katie Gillespie 101 kgillespie@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Assistant Principal Alexander Noguerola 100 anoguerola@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Teacher Coach Alli Razzano 205 arazzano@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Reading Intervention K-2 Rosie King 205D rosemary.king@catapultlearning.com
Jounce Coach Courtney Taylor ctaylor@jouncepartners.org
Enrollment, Tuition and Financial Aid Joette Herbert 109A jherbert@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Business Office Nicolette Richter 109 secretary@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
School Counselor Kirsten Ashworth 200 counselor@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Family Connections Liaison Nancy Ross 201 depaulfamilies@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Elwyn Psychologist Anna Shaffer 205 Anna_Shaffer@elwyn.org
Speech Therapist Megan Brenchley 205 depaulspeech@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Pre-K Core Teacher Gerard Visco 105 gvisco@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Pre-K Assistant Teacher Jessica Rogers 105 jrogers@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Pre-K Core Teacher Jen Melly 106 jmelly@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Pre-K Assistant Teacher Madeline (Ms. Peaches) Fluellen 106 mfluellen@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Kindergarten Core Teacher Patrice McGill 104 pmcgill@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Kindergarten Assistant Teacher Corrine Richter 104 crichter@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Kindergarten Core Teacher Allie Becker 107 abecker@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Kindergarten Assistant Teacher Elaine Diaz 107 ediaz@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
1st Grade Core Teacher Jen Kiers 103 jkiers@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
1st grade Assistant Teacher Vera Kyle 103 vkyle@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
1st Grade Core Teacher Lauren Meaney 108 lmeaney@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
1st grade Assistant Teacher Vera Kyle 108 vkyle@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
2nd Grade Core Teacher Brianna Fowler 207 bfowler@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
2nd Grade Core Teacher Shelbe Johnson 204 sjohnson@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
3rd Grade Core Teacher Katie DiPlacido 208 kdiplacido@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
3rd Grade Core Teacher Erin Clancey 203 eclancey@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
4th Grade Core Teacher Amy Interrante 202 ainterrante@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
4th Grade Core Teacher Aiesha Chambers 209 achambers@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
5th Grade Core Teacher Anne Monte 304 amonte@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
5th Grade Core Teacher Michaela Horner 305 mhorner@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
6th Grade Core Teacher Britney Herring 306 bherring@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
6th Grade Core Teacher Marygrace Urmson 303 murmson@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
7th Grade Core Teacher David Bell 302 dbell@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
7th Grade Core Teacher Gina Trice 307 gtrice@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
8th Grade Core Teacher Christopher Leonard 308 cleonard@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Art Najwa Smith 206 nsmith@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Music Rebecca Mack 300 rmack@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Physical Education Larissa Williams B01 lwilliams@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Technology Roberta Everling 301 reverling@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Nutritional Development Services Marcus Alford B02 malford@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Nutritional Development Services Shalia Johnson shjohnson@thedepaulcatholicschool.org
Maintenance Drew Christie
Custodian Shante Riddick